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Retaining customers is vital

The value of a single lifetime customer has reached more than $147,000
Thursday, August 31, 2017 - 07:00
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Shock flooded me when I heard Steve Schoolcraft passed away. We lost someone who played an integral part of our business and industry. I met Steve in January 2010 when he was a speaker at one of our Business Council meetings. His presentation gave me a new understanding on how we should be marketing our business. 

Steve was a dynamic speaker and the knowledge he shared was invaluable. As I look back to that meeting, it brought a smile to my face to re-read the feedback he received from the meeting critiques. 

“Awesome presenter! Learned more about customers in the time spent than in the last 3 years!”

“Excellent presentation, the information and services is something I feel will really grow my business.”

Steve was a behavioral psychologist who grew tired of counseling individuals and moved into corporate America.  He quit his job to launch his own business because didn’t like how corporations were treating employees and customers. 

He started representing new car dealerships in marketing and subsequently, the collision repair industry grabbed his attention. Steve built Phoenix Solutions Group (PSG) to one of the leading marketing consulting companies in the industry.

Tina Biancalana, Vice President at PSG said, "Steve was an amazing person and a brilliant individual. He had an ability to comprehend and connect things like no one else could, and made a life-long impression on everyone he met. His passion for education & continued growth lead him to a life of helping others be the best they could be. Those of us whose lives were impacted by him know how fortunate we were."

Michelle LaPorte, Strategic Development Manager at PSG wrote, "One of my biggest takeaways from all the time spent with Steve was the importance of people. He knew and stressed the importance of employees, the importance of customers, the importance of relationships, the importance of family. Customers should be treated like respected family members. He designed everything around making employees and customers feel important and valued."

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