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Playing small in life leads to missing out on big dreams

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 08:00
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We hear it all the time; one of the biggest regrets most people have on their death bed is the fact they were afraid to go for their biggest dreams. The dream to start that business, get that degree, write that book, go for that promotion, ask that person out, buy that home, or go on that trip.

So many people make the choice to play small in their lives as they are overcome by a multitude of fears; thye're afraid to venture too far from their comfort zone and too afraid of looking bad if they fail.

Have you ever fallen down and then quickly got up and looked around to see if any one saw you? Most people are so afraid of falling down, they avoid going into unchartered waters or doing things that may potentially make them look bad.

Many of you have some big dreams you’ve held on to for years. Things you say you really, really, really want: a successful business or career, an incredible intimate relationship, great health, a new home, write a book, get a degree or go for that advanced degree. However, if it requires you to take a risk and you could possibly fall down and look bad or lose, you choose not to go for the things you really want, which are those big dreams.

I have recognized that most people would rather look good and lose, than risk looking bad and win. Unfortunately, most people would consider it a loss if someone saw them fall down or look bad.

If you have Big Dreams and choose to Play Small, you will produce small results. When you are playing small, you are generally risk averse, which means you may feel the cost of taking the risk outweighs the benefits, or the threat of failure outweighs the potential of success. Therefore, you remain stuck and do nothing or you Play Small because it is too risky.

When you play to win and you have the courage to go for what you want, you are not risking failure, you are risking success. I have said many times, if you risk nothing, you are risking EVERYTHING.

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