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Know your worth when you think 'I can't afford it'

Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 07:00
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Many of us, if asked, would say that "anything is possible;" however, when we are faced with something that we do not have the full capacity or resources for, we often resign to a belief that we can't have that thing or we settle for something less than what we really, really wanted.

Now I know — anything is possible was taught to you; however, if you authentically believed it, you would never say "I can't afford it."

In my book, Unreasonable Possibilities, I talk about how much the conversation that we are having with ourselves leads to our behaviors, because your energy and actions will follow your thoughts and as a "human doing," you behave in accordance to what you authentically believe to be true.

When you create a conversation that says "I can't afford it," you are saying that impossible exists and you really do not feel that what you want is available to you. If you were committed to and believe you really wanted it, then you are saying you are not worth having it. If you really believe that you are worth having it, then you are saying that you are not committed to make it happen, which ultimately means that you really do not believe you can have it and therefore, you are not worth it.

When you are having a conversation with yourself that you can't afford it, you narrow your vision. As you view what is possible through this tunnel vision, the resources available to you cannot be seen.

In Chapter 3 of my book, entitled Change Your Mind, Change Your World, I talk about the difference between the flag and the wind. The flag is passive; it sits around waiting for an energy to show up to give it direction. The flag always moves in the direction of the biggest energy; the flag is waiting for permission to take action.

The wind is deliberate; it is purposeful. The wind provides the energy that determines direction, speed and the ebbs and flows. The wind makes a statement, and it is bold.

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When you say, "I can't afford it," you are being the flag, waiting for something to happen to you in order for you to receive the things in life that you say you want. When you are being this flag even if something or someone shows up and provides you with the resources you need, you will not be able to replicate that success, unless your winning strategy of having someone else do it for you is manifested every time.

Whatever you want is available to you, no matter how large or small.

Anything really is possible, however, you must believe it before you see it. Your wins and losses are occurring in your thinking before you take any action, so take a moment to check the conversation you are having with yourself.

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