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A financial reserve will help beat stress, exhaustion

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 09:28
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I remember a few years ago reading a survey that asked Americans what they would do if they had one more hour in the day. The most common answer, given by about 60 percent of those surveyed, was one word: sleep.

I have to think a lot of shop owners would probably give that same answer. This can be a stressful, exhausting career. At times it seems like the to-do list never gets shorter, and there's always a new challenge.

Camille Eber

But finding satisfaction in what we do and taking time to enjoy the other aspects of life can be easier if you build up a little "reserve," a reservoir of time, energy and money that allows you step out of the rat-race at times.

Here are some suggestions of ways to do that.

Just say, "No." Sometimes you have to say "no" to more demands for your time and energy. There always will be someone who needs your help who claims that they can't do it without you. So you have to be able to say: No, there is a limit to my time and how much I can do, and I've hit it. Draw that line in the sand and stand your ground.

Just say, "Oh." If you find yourself listening to people complain and criticize about things you can do nothing about, just say, "Oh," and move on. Don't let it sap your time and energy. Nothing good will come of it.

Exercise your options. We all know regular exercise is good for our bodies, but it's good for our minds and attitudes as well. You end up thinking more clearly and having more energy. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy and do that.

Save some money. Money doesn't buy happiness, but having at least some in the bank can sure reduce stress and give you more options. It's a psychological boost. Don't keep thinking you will start saving as soon as something happens or that one debt is paid off. Start now.

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