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Burn the bridge to show your commitment to change

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - 07:00
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My coaching to you would be to constantly move towards creating a better life for yourself personally or professionally. Most of you will not cross a bridge until there is some pain to run away from. Waiting until something is wrong or broken versus focusing on your next level is running from pain, instead of running to gain.   

I am encouraging you to find a bridge in your professional, academic, personal or financial situations and cross that bridge deliberately focused on a positive outcome. An outcome that improves your business or makes you a better team member or one that advances your knowledge and pushes you out of your comfort zone is an outcome worthy of burning bridges. 

I encourage you to choose to cross a bridge that takes you to a more positive place in every one of your relationships. Here are my top five reasons why you should burn the bridge: 

  • The bridge will create a distraction that will lessen your chance of greater success 
  • You will move forward and create new possibilities 
  • You will hold nothing back in your relationships 
  • You will reinvent yourself to be a more positive person 
  • You will accomplish something you have never done before 

What bridges will you burn today and how will you and those around you benefit from you doing so?

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