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Power outage

Sliding door may need a new remote controlled actuator
Tuesday, August 1, 2017 - 07:00
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You may come across a Sedona (VQ) that has a power sliding door (PSD) that won’t open when using the overhead console switch, B pillar switch or remote control button. If you do, the PSD Remote Controller Actuator may need to be replaced (on the a ected side only) with Part Number 81447 4D500. Note: Do not replace the Remote Controller Assembly for this issue.

Power Sliding Door Remote Controller Assembly
MODEL: Kia Sedona (VQ) with Power Sliding Door Options
PRODUCTION RANGE: All MY 2006-2010 Kia Sedona (VQ)
Remote Controller Motor
Part Number 81447 4D500

Note: TSBs may be updated from time to time. Please refer to TSB BOD 048 at www.kiatechinfo.com for the latest procedures.

Disassembly procedure
1. If it is determined that the power sliding door remote control-ler motor is defective, follow the instructions provided in Kia’s Global Information System (KGIS) to remove the door trim and controller assembly before bench repairing the controller unit.  Removed PSD remote controller is shown here along with the location of release motor drive assembly.

2. Remove the seven screws holding the cover and drive assembly in place.
Notice: There are four short screws and three long screws. The longer screws attach the motor assembly to the controller.

3. Carefully separate the cover from the drive assembly as shown. Be especially careful not to damage or misplace the seal.
Notice: It is not necessary to remove the complete drive assembly from the remote controller.

4. While holding the motor in place, use small needle-nose pliers to carefully disconnect the wiring from the motor. The blade style connectors easily pull straight up and out.
Notice: Note the wire’s color and position for reinstallation. If the wires are switched, the remote controller will not operate correctly.

5. Remove the motor from the drive assembly.
Notice: Be careful not to misplace the motor's white nylon end support bearing.

To read the full article and view the images, go to the Summer 2017 Kia Quality Connection here!


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