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Honda changes software, tool requirements for ProFirst Certified Shops

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 09:00
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Honda announced a major change to their Mechanical Repair Equipment section of their ProFirst certification requirements document. The link to the ProFirst Honda Certified tools and equipment requirements is provided here:  http://profirstinfo.honda.com/RequiredToolsAndEquipment

The change calls for the following: Honda Certified ProFirst shops must now have a tool equipped to run the Honda Diagnostic System software (i-HDS) or sublet the work. The requirement doesn’t mean a ProFirst collision repairer (or unaffiliated shop) must buy the Honda dealership DST-i device but they must have access to it. Honda collision assistant manager Scott Kaboos confirmed. “The key is the software,” Kaboos said.

The good news is all Honda ProFirst certified repair shops currently using the asTech™ diagnostic and vehicle repair process comply with Honda’s recent tool requirement announcement.  asTech™ uses the i-HDS software for ALL Honda diagnostic scan requests. Staying compliant with the new Honda ProFirst requirement change is already handled if you’re using asTech™.  Recent comments from Honda Manager Scott Kaboos include the following, “Therefore, the asTech™, which patches the car to a Honda scan tool remotely should be fine” according to Kaboos.

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