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Houston delays shop licensing ordinance

ASA asks repairers to oppose current draft
Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 01:00
The Houston city council voted to delay the Automotive Repair Shop Licensing ordinance for two weeks to gather more input from small business owners.

The delay will allow more time for further deliberation and communication with members of the Houston city council over potential changes in the proposed ordinance language.

The Automotive Service Association’s (ASA) Houston chapter sent a letter to Annise D. Parker, Houston city mayor, and all members of the city council, recommending changes to Section 8 of the current proposed Automotive Repair Shop Licensing Ordinance. While the ordinance has improved dramatically since ASA began working with the city, ASA believes further changes are necessary for the association to be supportive. ASA’s proposed changes will benefit consumers and the automotive service industry.

There are several mandates in the proposed ordinance that would place unnecessary burdens on Houston repair shops, consumers and the Houston police department (HPD). In the letter to the mayor and city council, ASA proposed solutions for several issues that have been raised regarding the Nov. 29 ordinance draft, including the following:

  • The waiver for verbal approval should be eliminated to address concerns that the written authorization places an unnecessary burden on a repair shop, the HPD and the consumer.
  • All repairs should be authorized with a signature to provide protection for the consumer and the small business owner.
  • All automotive repair facility (ARF) licenses operating on the date the ordinance is authorized shall have six months to comply with the requirements of section 8-22 (a).

In addition, in the letter to the mayor and the city council, ASA raised a number of concerns that have yet to be addressed in the current draft ordinance.


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