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Connecticut collision repairers host DMV commissioner

Friday, March 4, 2011 - 01:00
Newly appointed Connecticut DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey was the keynote speaker at the recent Connecticut Collision Repair Specialists membership meeting in Hartford, Conn.

Commissioner Currey, former mayor of East Hartford Conn., met with the CCRS members and gave an overview of her goals and objectives for the Department of Motor Vehicles. Commissioner Currey shared her vision for the DMV by saying, “We are seeking feedback from our constituents on the role municipal government can have in delivering DMV services closer to communities while providing technological innovation in those services.” The commissioner was nominated on Dec. 30, 2010, by Governor Dannel P. Malloy. This marked her return to state government following her election in 2005 as mayor of East Hartford.

Commissioner Currey pledged to constantly improve customer service and to provide quality services to the public. This means greater use of technology, close examination of how work is done so that DMV can bring services closer to customers either online or through partnerships in their communities.

The subject matter at the CCRS meeting centered on improvements in the current standards for shop licensing and asked Commissioner Currey to share her thoughts on the process. She encouraged the attendees to develop a process in which a more comprehensive and creditable definition of industry standards is established.

“It is crucial to identify how the collision repair standards will affect all of the individuals involved, including the use of both aftermarket and original parts, repair processes, shops, insurance companies, product companies, etc.”

Lisa Siembab, CCRS Executive Director said, “We are seeking to improve the standards, ultimately for the safety of the consumer. It is crucial, when considering today’s technology in vehicles, that shops have the latest in equipment and training to conduct safe repairs. Today, the standards for licensing are very basic and are in need of updating to meet the changes that have occurred with advanced technology. In today’s industry, many times the focus is on training, rather than a “standard- setting”.

The Collision Industry Conference is currently establishing a committee to address industry standards. Commissioner Currey said her door is always open and looks forward to additional discussion on the standards regulation issue. Currey stated, “Because of your investments in the community and especially the collision repair industry – it is clear that CCRS has their “finger on the pulse” of the collision repair industry in Connecticut. I will continue to listen, to address concerns and look for ways that everyone’s interests can be served. “

“In closing remarks, Lisa Siembab addressed the attendees. “We are most honored to host Commissioner Currey and certainly appreciate her support. We look forward to another great year – our members will be challenged more than ever with the current economic climate – but this is why we exist. CCRS seeks to serve our industry – one repairer, at a time.”

For more information visit www.ctcrs.com.


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