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Supplier analyzes repairer’s letter critical of State Farm parts procurement system

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 19:18
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Brad Desaulniers, the president of PartsCheck Live, a competing bidding platform to Parts Trader, which is powering State Farm’s new parts procurement system, analyzes a collision repairer’s letter that is critical of the State Farm program. He said he wants to provide insight into the “short and long term implications of this industry changing event.”

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“I will make every effort here to provide a balanced point of view providing what insight I can and will do my best to limit references to PartsCheck to instances where it adds value to the discussion,” Desaulniers said. “ My goal here is not to sell my product but to provide an alternative point of view that is not currently being aired in the discussion.”

Desaulniers is at times critical of State Farm, which he says is going “for the pricing jugular.” But he also cautions parts providers about not participating in the program, and says that shops should not “run off to their vendor community drumming up support for a revolt.” He adds in closing, “Figuring out a way to control and manage the bidding process rather than have insurance carriers control it is the big challenge.”

Here is his unabridged response to the letter from the SCRS member about State Farm's bidding platform:

Aaron, I felt it would be valuable to provide some commentary from a different point of view to the article respectfully submitted by your member on the State Farm program. By way of full disclosure, your members will recognise me from my role as President of PartsCheck, a competing bidding platform to Parts Trader.

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