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OEConnection releases new parts e-commerce solution for auto dealers

Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 18:53
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OEConnection LLC introduced a new parts e-commerce solution for automotive dealerships to help them unlock new revenue streams by reaching Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and other online, direct-buying consumers.

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Featuring a customizable, dealer-branded website, ConsumerLink gives consumers access to a replacement parts ordering platform, including complete OEM parts catalogs, detailed parts diagrams and VIN-decoding capabilities that help users identify the parts needed for their vehicle repair.

ConsumerLink offers dealers integration with current dealer websites or can be implemented as a stand-alone site. The solution enables dealers to process orders within their existing OEConnection e-commerce platform, currently the system of choice at more than 13,000 franchise automotive dealerships in North America. ConsumerLink includes all of the tools needed to succeed in online parts sales – from customizable pricing and promotions functionality to multiple delivery and payment options, including all major credit cards. In addition, built-in reporting and analysis tools provide dealers with decision-making data about their online sales and customers.

“Much like our wholesale parts e-commerce solutions, the goal of ConsumerLink is to help dealers sell more OE parts, increase efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction,” said Chuck Rotuno, OEConnection President & CEO. “Dealerships are increasingly investing in digital technology to reach online customers, but many draw the line at parts e- commerce websites because of limited search capabilities and unfriendly user interfaces,” he said. “ConsumerLink closes the gap by offering not just easy setup and comprehensive tools to tap into this revenue stream, but it also comes from a trusted name and partner in automotive technology.”

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