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How to get paid in full for your collision repair services

Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 16:52
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New York attorney Lundgren, whose practice specializes in representing doctors in their disputes with insurance companies, spoke of the “parallel universes” of the medical profession and collision repair industry.

“The doctors are unsophisticated businessmen,” Lundgren said. This has been said about collision repair shop operators, though due to an increasingly tough market and the nature of the business, it is not universally true.

Notice to admit establishes prima facie case into the record. The burden now shifts to the defendant. It is in discovery, request for admissions. By serving the defendant with a notice to admit “I want to avoid my doctor clients [having to] come into court,” he said.

Lundgren says he “forum shops” to find the best jurisdiction to file a lawsuit against an insurance company. He said, “The Bronx is the jurisdiction where he will file as they [tend to] favor the little guy.”

Seminar attendees left with dozens of forms and stamps they could use to help them operate their businesses relatively free of third-party interference. The documents will assist an independent body shop operator in securing full payment for every required operation on the invoice that is presented to customers.

Quotes from attendees

“Misinformation and lies all have a shelf life. The truth does not. Start by getting the customer on your side. I’ve only had two customers refuse to sign the documents, and one changed his mind.”
– Alabama shop owner Truman Fancher.
“The insurance estimate is just that, an estimate, as opposed to an invoice, which is a statement of fact. Never put anything on a piece of paper you’re not prepared to defend in court. Don’t post to Facebook either.”
CCRE president and New Hampshire shop owner

Tony Lombardozzi, who advised
to keep insurance documentation away from court.
“I follow the underlap. The database providers are the biggest tool used by insurers to limit their costs.”
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