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Estimating accuracy grows in importance

Audatex says it can help eliminate supplements, part returns
Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 20:02
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For the sake of overall throughput, cost reduction, customer service, and compliance with DRP agreements, creating accurate estimates the first time has emerged as a key issue that can be addressed through a combination of best practices (like adopting a blueprinting approach) and technology.

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"If you want to go in and have a one-and-done scenario, that makes having an accurate estimate up front even more critical," says Rick Tuuri, vice president of industry relations at Audatex. "Everyone is being asked to do more with less in this economy, and you can't afford to have supplement after supplement to get something right."

Tuuri and Neal Lowell, Audatex senior director of product management, recently sat down with ABRN to discuss how estimating technology is improving repair shops' ability to create more accurate estimates while reducing operational costs. Those benefits can also extend to customers and insurers.

On the insurer side, accurate estimates eliminate costs associated with extra approvals and desk reviews, ensuring warranties on supplements. More accurate estimates also cut waste out of the system, and improve customer service by facilitating faster and more accurate repairs.

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