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ASA Arizona pans PartsTrader pilot program

Monday, July 30, 2012 - 18:24
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Based on input from collision repair members and non-members, including repairers and vendors directly involved in the Parts Trader pilot program in Tucson, the Automotive Service Association of Arizona (ASA Az) issued the following position statement regarding the intent of State Farm Insurance to implement this program on a nationwide basis:

ASA Az believes that the most efficient method of ordering parts is to utilize the local vendor network established by each repairer. Vendors earn the business they get from collision repair shops by consistently exceeding expectations in the areas of quality, service and pricing.

ASA Az believes that the implementation of Parts Trader will have a negative effect on the local economy as repair shops are encouraged and/or required to purchase parts from other geographical regions.

ASA Az believes that insurance companies should stay in the business of insurance and leave all aspects of the repair process to collision repair professionals.

ASA Az believes that introduction of the Parts Trader bidding system will increase cycle time and, therefore, negatively affect consumers.

ASA Az believes that parts procurement should be solely the responsibility of collision repair shops and that the mandatory use of Parts Trader is contrary to the free market principle that this country was founded

The repair process cannot be based on "price" but rather the professional opinion of the collision expert that is repairing the vehicle. Safety and Quality must always be the focus of the collision repairer. Parts Trader, or any system that uses "price" as a driving force, needs to be eliminated from our industry. This system does not benefit the collision repair shops, but could encourage short cuts that would have a negative effect on the consumer.

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