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CARSTAR tops the collision repair industry with female franchise partnership leaders

Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 09:00
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At CARSTAR, North America’s largest premier network of independently owned and operated collision repair facilities, a unique group of leaders is shaping the success and growth of the organization – the women who are franchise partners, managers and generational successors at the more than 600 CARSTAR locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Today, more than 50 women are in leadership roles at CARSTAR locations, providing CARSTAR a distinct advantage in serving customers, insurance partners and the community.  Many other women are working their way up the ranks, from technician and painters to customer service and estimating. The unique structure of CARSTAR, which offers independent owners an opportunity to grow and succeed as part of a dynamic North American network, provides female leaders the resources and support they need to compete in today’s collision repair industry.
“We have an amazing network of franchise partners across North America, and we’re proud to count more women among our franchise leadership than any other collision repair network,” says Hannah Ross, Senior Marketing Director for CARSTAR.  “The female leadership within the CARSTAR family and their success is a testament to their hard work, commitment to serving their customers and communities as well as their unique skills and perspective that drives growth and achievement.”

Stéphanie Daviault is happy to be a part of the CARSTAR family and thinks ‘quality,’ when she hears the

Stéphanie Daviault

“I am extremely proud to be a part of CARSTAR, wearing branded clothes and bringing my CARSTAR pin wherever I go,” says Stéphanie Daviault, partner at CARSTAR St-Rémi D’amherst in Quebec. “Whenever my mom took her vehicle for a repair or tune-up, I never thought she was treated with respect. When I got into the industry, I made a commitment to be considerate to everyone, explain the repair process to customers and make sure they would feel confident in the service they are being provided. CARSTAR values are the same as ours – plus they provide the support we need while allowing us to independently own and operate our store.”

Kelly Domer
Lisa Rush

It’s in Their Blood
More and more women are taking over the CARSTAR locations started by their families, highlighting a distinctive benefit offered by CARSTAR – the ability to retain independent ownership while being part of a national network.
“I started working at CARSTAR Alpine in 2002 for my step-dad, Gary Boesel, as a customer service representative,” offers Kelly Domer, general manager at CARSTAR Jordan Road. “Then in 2007 after CARSTAR Jordan Road opened I moved there and became the general manager. I have now been part of the team for 12 years and while I am not yet an owner, being a female really has never been ‘an issue’.  Going to the different corporate events, EDGE Performance Group meetings and leadership classes, I was never made to feel any less than the male franchise partners. Although being a woman in collision repair is rare,  I have always felt welcomed and looked at for the knowledge I have and never discounted just because I am a female in the industry.”
Lisa Rush got her collision repair education from her father.
“CARSTAR to me means knowledge,” says Lisa Rush, who grew up in the family owned business, notes that her dad had her under the hood of a car from the time she could walk. “Without the knowledge of our CARSTAR team and other CARSTAR owners, I would need to research and learn about changing technology myself. Pushed down to CARSTAR franchise partners, we receive data we need from both a technology standpoint and an insurance relationship standpoint, helping to  keep us current.  Thanks to CARSTAR I have the resources and knowledge to be OEM certified and to have the confidence to know I am putting my customers back in vehicles that not only look good but are safe as well.”

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