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A call to action to ensure safe vehicles on the road

Thursday, July 4, 2019 - 07:00
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Consider this a call to action. For those shops who are not adequately addressing calibrations, how many of your repaired vehicles are on the road with potential safety issues? Do your customers even know it? Many people are not very familiar with some of the complex features on their vehicles and may not know the difference between a properly functioning system and one that acts a little different. Do you have staff people who know the controls and how these systems should behave? Do you road test vehicles after repairs and check the performance of ADAS systems? Are you thoroughly researching factory repair procedures for each job? To those insurers who are reluctant to pay for steps that assure proper ADAS performance, how do you know if you have potential safety issues out there? Just because you haven’t seen many issues doesn’t mean that there aren’t some, waiting to appear with some potentially significant consequence. Everyone who estimates collision repairs, including insurers, should be referencing vehicle manufacturer repair procedures. Again, the more complex the vehicle the more important it is. More and more new vehicles, including all brands, are being equipped with complex systems, including low and mid price range vehicles.

Our industry is rapidly changing. The more newer vehicles we work with, the more changing technology will impact us. It is time for all of us to educate ourselves and adjust our processes to assure repaired vehicles are performing as designed and specified by the manufacturer. It’s really about protecting our businesses and even more importantly protecting our customers. It’s about doing the right thing.

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