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Motor Guard introduces plastic repair system

Monday, August 21, 2017 - 07:00
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Motor Guard is pleased to re-introduce a hot item in its comprehensive line of U.S. made automotive body repair tools; the Magna-Stitcher Plastic Repair System (Model MS-2500). The MS-2500 is a complete unit with all the power and accessories needed for structural repair of plastic parts.

The MS-2500 features a powerful work light in the gun to illuminate out of the way areas and comes with an assortment of Magna-Stakes as well as Motor Guard’s exclusive Ironing Tip for smoothing rough areas.

The Magna-Stitcher system works by welding a rigid stainless steel stake into the surface of the plastic resulting in a permanent repair of the crack. The system can be used to repair bumpers, fascias, spoilers, headlamp and radiator brackets, interior and underbody components, wheel wells, panel mounting tabs and any thermoplastic part. Once the back of the broken part is stitched, the cosmetic repair and refinishing can be completed on the outside of the part. Simply stitch and go!


  • Three power levels for rapid and precise staking on a range of materials
  • High-intensity work light in the grip to illuminate out-of-the-way areas.
  • Comes complete with an assortment of Magna-Stakes; 100/Ea of S, M, V, & W Shapes.
  • Now includes Handy Ironing Tip for smoothing rough areas.
  • Low power draw permits mobile use with a standard laptop car inverter (100W).

The Motor Guard Magna-Stitcher System is the latest addition to a full line of repair and refinishing products. From Pulling to Painting, Motor Guard Corporation has a product for all of your autobody repair and refinishing needs.

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