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Using OEM repair procedures is essential

Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 07:00
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Every customer who comes through your door deserves outstanding service, and a safe and proper repair every time. Today’s vehicles are much more complicated to repair. Future technological advances will make repairs even more complex. New lighter and stronger substrates require special tools and repair techniques. Highly sophisticated vehicle electronics add to the specialization of the tools and technicians required to deliver safe and proper repairs.

OEMs guide the repair process of their vehicles by the issuance of OEM position statements. In addition, each manufacturer has their own repair criteria and OEM procedures they want repairers to follow during the repair process. They update these recommendations regularly. It is critical to check and to follow the OEM's proceduresYour customers rely on your ability to deliver safe and proper repairs every time.

Pre- and post-repair scans in OEM procedures

Repair facilities should familiarize themselves with each of the 10 OEM published position statementsYou can find each of these OEM position statements at www.astech.comJust click on the OEM Info link. It’s important to understand the OEM’s position on performing pre and post scans. Another key step in performing safe and proper repairs is researching the actual OEM repair procedures before beginning every repair.

Proper research provides valuable insight for when using the OEM factory scan tool is required to perform special repair operations. The patented asTech® remote diagnostic repair process uses only OEM factory scan tools supported by ASE Certified Master Technicians.

Pre and post-repair scans will continue to play an important role in the repair process. You can expect more and more OEM repair procedures will include scanning with the OEM factory tool. Proper blue printing and quality control processes deployed by repairers will include diagnostic scanning. Pre scanning a vehicle is the only way truly identify diagnostic and vehicle electronic damage before the vehicle is torn down. Post scanning vehicles ensures all of the diagnostic issues are resolved prior to returning the car to the customer.


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