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OEM procedures: How often do you check them?

Monday, August 7, 2017 - 07:00
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Each time a damaged vehicle is brought into a shop for repair, the technician needs to research the OEM repair procedures to know for sure exactly which repairs will be needed to complete a full, proper, and safe repair.  

There is a wide variation with vehicle types, materials and joining technologies. The only way for the technician and repair shop to know every repair procedure for every car is to consult the OEM procedures. Technicians should never assume they know the repair methods.  Relying on memory can be dangerous because changes with OEM procedures happen quite often.

Advantages of a pre-scan
In order for the technician to properly understand the existing diagnostic and vehicle electronic issues, they should perform a pre scan using the asTech™ device.  asTech master technicians perform the scan using OEM factory scan tools. Upon completion of the pre and or post scan a detailed report is delivered directly to the repair facility. Technicians use this information, along with the OEM repair procedures, to make safe and accurate repairs, and to document the file in order to provide the required information to both the insurance company and the customer.

OEMs are constantly updating their information regarding the repair procedures of their newer vehicles, which include the newest vehicle technology. Having current OEM data is critical in order to complete the repairs and return the vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Reduced delays
Without checking the OEM procedures regularly before each repair begins, the technician will not know if, or when, specific repair methods for specific vehicles have changed.

Checking OEM procedures on every vehicle is a good business practice.  The slightest change in a specific repair procedure can affect the final outcome of the repair. Checking OEM procedures before every repair allows the technician to write more accurate repair estimates, order parts more accurately, and provide better direction to sublet vendors; all of which reduce the overall cycle time of the repair.

Performing a post repair analysis of the diagnostic and vehicle electronics using the asTech™ device ensures the vehicle has been checked and is ready for safe delivery back to the customer.

For more information on the advantages of using the asTech™ device, contact an asTech master technician today.

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