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Enterprise, insurance industry work together in disaster

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 - 07:00
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With the start of hurricane season, Enterprise Rent-A-Car once again is prepared and ready to support the insurance industry and local disaster recovery efforts. In fact, the Enterprise network – with more than 5,500 offices located within 15 miles of 90 percent of the U.S. population – is uniquely positioned to quickly respond to the needs of thousands of communities whenever disasters strike.
The flagship Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand is owned and operated by Enterprise Holdings, the largest car rental company in the world, based on revenues, fleet size and number of locations. In addition, each Enterprise regional operation has an Emergency Action Plan that focuses on how Enterprise’s branch offices communicate with each other to ensure that the right number and types of vehicles are available where they are needed most.
“When any disaster hits, the two most important factors are communication and cooperation,” said Mary Mahoney, vice president, insurance replacement division for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. “Insurance adjusters and relief workers are often the first people on the ground following natural disasters, and they need vehicles to assess the damage. As a result, we’re prepared to respond quickly and move our fleet seamlessly into affected areas to ensure vehicles are available.”
This sort of volatility and urgency, often generated by a diverse array of severe weather events, impacts consumer as well as insurance and first-responder needs. For example, both the National League of Cities and New York Gov. Cuomo’s office have noted Enterprise’s leadership in disaster recovery efforts. Government Executive magazine likewise recognized Enterprise in its “Crisis Management: Storm Surge” article last year.
In the first half of this year alone, there are many additional examples:
· June 2014: Even after softball-sized hail damaged part of its fleet and many residents’ vehicles, Enterprise’s doors were open to start accommodating customers while hundreds of additional vehicles were on their way to the Abilene, Texas, area.
· May 2014: After a severe hailstorm in Reading, Pa., local body shops were inundated with hundreds of damaged vehicles. Enterprise employees across the state rallied to help customers in affected areas, mobilizing extra vehicles from surrounding states. In addition, Enterprise branches in the affected areas extended their operating hours throughout the entire Memorial Day weekend.
· April 2014: Coastal flooding in Pensacola, Fla., left many with water-logged vehicles. Enterprise brought in vehicles from surrounding areas, prioritizing insurance rentals and extending service hours for customers.
· April 2014: In response to a tornado, Enterprise mobilized hundreds vehicles to bolster fleets at eight locations in the Jackson, Miss., area.
· February 2014:  Record snow levels led Enterprise to add thousands of new vehicles to its Terre Haute, Indiana, fleet.
· February 2014: Hundreds of vehicles were mobilized to the metropolitan Atlanta area to meet increased demand after severe snow and ice storms.

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