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Get the most out of interior detailing with these tips

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - 09:00
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Detailers can be excused if they have a slightly different take on pre-accident condition than the rest of your staff. With vehicles being left in service longer, and motorists using them as improvised eateries, kid and pet haulers, and impromptu business offices, interiors--even in newer rides--take a beating. Complicating this further, busy owners tend to neglect spills and wear marks that need to be quickly attended to and fail to use protection products that can head off some of the worst damage. The result is an uptick in the number of interiors needing serious attention well beyond a basic cleaning.

No shop wants to return a vehicle with a shiny new outside and a clean, though flawed, interior. That means repairers need to up their game when it comes to restoring a vehicle's inside. Use the following tips to handle your toughest detailing chores and  put an extra coat of excellence on your work.

(Photo courtesy of Lefler Collision and Glass) While you're putting the final touches on an outstanding exterior detailing job, don't forget the interior needs the same special attention.

Vacuum and brush first
While this may seem obvious, some detailers still prefer to attack the worst stains first before targeting the interior as a whole. That's a big mistake since some of the worst damage often is covered up by collision debris or other grit, leaving the detailer to jump from one task to another rather than working in an organized manner that saves time.


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Always start with a thorough vacuuming (we'll assume you've already removed any debris or refuse and boxed up and stowed the owner's possessions). If necessary, vacuum several times if the interior is particularly dirty. No dirt or debris should appear from anywhere when the vehicle is returned.

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