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Keys to repairing some of today’s most popular vehicle electronics

Friday, March 14, 2014 - 07:00
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Technician Eddie Culper, who works for a San Diego shop that specializes in dealer repairs, is like many repairers when it comes to dealing with some of the latest electronics to come out of Detroit, Europe and Asia.

Backup camera units can sustain damage in a host of areas during a collision. Courtesy of Nissan

He appreciates the conveniences and extra safety they offer. He’s not so enthusiastic when it comes to tracking down problems and repairing some of these products when they’ve been knocked out of service by a collision. These days, Culper reports that he groans anytime he sees a damaged backup camera unit.

“On some vehicle models, even a light hit on or near the rear will shut off the camera,” he says. “When it comes to finding the problem, you’re looking at a potentially damaged camera, LCD monitor, sensors or yards of electrical wire.”

Making this repair even more difficult, Culper says some of these units may already be defective. The owners may not be aware they have a malfunctioning (or not fully functioning) product. In other cases, a jolt to the vehicle shuts down a unit with faulty components.

Culper isn’t alone. Other repairers see similar issues with the latest and greatest electronic technology rolling off of showroom floors. Here’s a look at how to diagnose and repair problems with technology that improves the driving experience while making life in the repair industry a bit more challenging.

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