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VeriFacts Automotive coaches collision repair facilities to top performance and NPS scores

Monday, December 2, 2019 - 08:00
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VeriFacts Automotive was founded with the vision to align the industry to ensure the standards for collision repair processes were consistent, that repair standards were shared among all parties, that collision repair professionals were educated and verified upon achieving these standards, and that consumers and their safety are the first priority.
Today, VeriFacts Automotive provides skilled coaching, evaluation and verification for thousands of collision repair facilities across North America. These services help facilities adopt advanced technologies, deliver higher quality repairs, showcase their quality with a third-party review process and ultimately provide higher customer satisfaction. Every year, VeriFacts Automotive provides coaching, verification or OEM certification impacting several million vehicle repairs.
“For collision repair facility owners today, it is critical that they stay up-to-date on the repair processes, technician training and equipment needed to correctly and efficiently repair vehicles with advanced technology,” said Bill Romaniello, vice president of operations for VeriFacts Automotive and a 30-year industry veteran. “Our coaching team works closely with repair locations across North America to conduct facility evaluations, offer hands-on and virtual guidance, and provide technical support.”
The VeriFacts Automotive coaching team is comprised of highly trained collision repair professionals who have decades of experience and hold I-CAR Platinum and ASE certifications, among others.
VeriFacts Automotive Provides On-the-Job Coaching and Evaluation
 Collision repair facilities – from independent locations to MSOs – sign up for an annual VeriFacts Automotive Verified
Quality and Coaching subscription, which includes:

  • In-shop review and quality calibration through VeriFacts Automotive as an unbiased third party that helps collision repair facilities improve repair quality and process efficiency.
  • Technicians receive customized on-the-job evaluation from VeriFacts Automotive’s coaching team for the precise implementation of the industry and manufacturers’ evolving repair standards on today’s complex vehicles.
  • Repair Clinics which cover specialized topics in depth such as MAG Welding, Glass Repair, Suspension Diagnosis, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, and much more,
  • Review of the shop’s equipment, processes and training credentials to uncover opportunities for investment to better meet the evolving needs of OEM certifications and vehicle technology.  
  • VeriFacts Automotive offers performance measurement on a monthly basis to help collision repair facilities maintain the highest levels of KPI performance and customer satisfaction.
  • The VeriFacts Automotive “TeleCoach” technical support service is a proprietary resource for VeriFacts Automotive subscribers to receive consultation and support on repair issues, evolving repair standards and advanced collision repair solutions.
  • The VeriFacts Automotive Topic of the Month newsletter offers technical advice, tips, product solutions and more.

Top Performing Collision Repair Facilities Achieve VeriFacts Automotive Verified Quality Status
 Collision repair facilities that meet VeriFacts Automotive’s independent, third-party assessment levels can achieve VeriFacts Verified Quality (VQ) status, and the truly elite collision repair facilities can achieve VeriFacts VQ Medallion status.
VeriFacts Automotive Verified Quality (VQ) is the designation where VeriFacts Automotive recognizes shops that demonstrate superior output in all aspects of the repair process. VeriFacts Automotive VQ facilities open their shops to independent verification experts and are recognized by industry stakeholders and consumers alike for their excellence in collision repair.  There are some specification-based equipment and process implementation requirements, but the most important requirement is for the shop to have a culture of quality that leads to the correct, safe repair every time.
Collision repair facilities who achieve VeriFacts Automotive VQ and VQ Medallion status receive a certificate to display in their customer lobby to show customers they are committed to the highest standards in collision repair and VQ Medallion shops are included on the online store locator at Today, more than 250 collision repair facilities have achieved VeriFacts Automotive VQ status and some 100 have earned the top honors of VeriFacts Automotive VQ Medallion status.
“An analysis of more than 15,000 customers by an independent research company found that collision repair centers using the VeriFacts Verified Quality and Coaching Program outperformed repair facilities that do not in the key measurements of Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), On Time Vehicle Delivery and Keeping the Customer Informed,” said Farzam Afshar, CEO of VeriFacts Automotive. “In fact, the average NPS score of VeriFacts Automotive VQ shops was 79.3 percent compared to an average of 75.1 percent for non-VeriFacts shops.”
Custom Evaluation and Assessment Provides Thorough Data on Facility Performance

  • VeriFacts Automotive offers additional services to collision repair industry partners based on its coaching team and their ability to collect enormous amounts of data. VeriFacts Automotive also has proprietary analytics technology to perform custom queries.
  • VeriFacts Automotive is the leading verifier of collision repair quality, from start to finish. VeriFacts Automotive Coaches currently inspect facilities for the proper training, credentials and practices. Additionally, they can provide specialized services to certify shops for direct repair programs through customized data collection. VeriFacts VQ status is recognized as a prerequisite for participation in many insurance DRP programs.
  • When collision repair facility owners are considering a sale or purchasing another facility, VeriFacts Automotive provides independent, third-party evaluation of equipment, repair processes, technician performance and overall shop performance.
  • If a dispute arises between a repairer, insurance carrier, OEM and/or consumer, VeriFacts Automotive provides an independent collision repair evaluation to help find a repair resolution for all parties.

About VeriFacts Automotive
VeriFacts Automotive, headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, provides the highest level of collision repair business coaching, evaluation and verification services, delivering OEM certifications to ensure collision repair facilities are prepared to deliver safe and reliable repairs. Today, VeriFacts has partnerships with the majority of leading multi-shop collision repair organizations, independent repair facilities and top vehicle manufacturers and is recognized by top insurance carriers, among others. VeriFacts employs nearly 75 team members across North America. For more information, visit
For more information contact Deborah Robinson, 312.505.4336 or

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