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Three Tucson families surprised with Recycled Rides from Caliber Collision

Recipients selected from more than 400 nominations
Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 07:38
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Three Tucsonans who had been struggling and coping with daily transportation challenges were presented with Recycled Rides in a surprise presentation by Caliber Collision.


The three recipients were selected from over 400 nominations submitted from the Tucson community.  An independent review committee comprised of community leaders made the final selections.

All three vehicles for this upcoming Recycled Rides in Tucson were donated by GEICO and refurbished by Caliber Collision associates who volunteered personal time to repair the vehicles as a community service project.

“The response to our call for nominations was overwhelming,” said Patrick O’Neill, Vice President of Operations for Caliber Collision. “We are happy to partner with GEICO to donate three vehicles but it was difficult knowing that so many more people struggle every day simply to get to work and take care of their families without reliable vehicles.”

Earl Chittum, Regional Auto Damage Director for GEICO added, “We hope these vehicles will ease the burden of transportation and serve as the catalyst that helps the three selected recipients get through their challenges and back on the road towards a positive future.”
The three Recycled Rides recipients included:
Elena Rascon,  a single mother of three. She and her children have gone through divorce, homelessness and a serious car accident in the last few years. Lingering effects from the accident make walking painful for Rascon.

Angel Alvarez, a landscaper and handyman. He often has to ride the bus to get to his various part-time jobs, which he relies on to help support his family of five children and 10 grandchildren. With a reliable car, he will be able to take a full- time job offer with a landscaping company.

Chris and Terry Hernandez have seven children. The youngest was born with chronic renal failure and received a kidney transplant last June. He still requires regular trips to the hospital for follow-up visits and therapy. With all of the medical bills, the family cannot afford to buy a second car. Arranging transportation with one car and a large family can be tricky, and often involves borrowed vehicles, buses and car pools. Despite that, the children are involved in school and extracurricular activities.

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