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Industry veteran launches book promotion web site

Monday, February 12, 2018 - 08:00
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Industry veteran, former OE program administrator, and now a freelance collision industry journalist, Gary Ledoux, is pleased to announce the launch of his new website,

Created and managed by Optima Automotive of Batavia, Ill., the new website is designed to support Ledoux’s forthcoming book, “YesterWreck: The History of the Collision Industry in America.”

Ledoux’s book will cover the history of the collision repair industry in America from the advent of the automobile to the present day. Presently, the website is arranged to capture input from any and all people in the industry who have a story or photo to contribute to the book. It also features excerpts from the book and updates on the book’s development.

Body shops, especially those that have been in continuous operation since the 1940s and before, are encouraged to contribute stories or photos for consideration. Suppliers, those companies that provide goods or services for the industry, are encouraged to contribute information including company history or the history of key products. Insurers are encouraged
to provide information on company history or to highlight key products or initiatives.

“A lot of books have been written about various facets of the automotive business,” said Ledoux. “There are books about the history of car makers, books about key industry leaders, the history of gas stations, car dealerships and some classic cars. But no written history exists about an entire industry; thousands of professionals whose job it is to help people get their life back together after a car accident. It’s about time the industry, and these professionals are recognized.”

The website will remain in its present configuration to collect historical information and provide book development updates until approximately Q2 2018 at which time it will change to take orders for the book. The book is expected to be ready for sale in Q4 2018.

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