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How one shop owner turned his challenges into a business idea

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - 07:00
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It was the early 2000s and Gene Cortes’ shop in Nanuet, NY was doing pretty well. He had been open since 1992, had turned a profit and work was coming in the door regularly. Gene was tracking everything – workflow, cycle time, parts, supplies, expenses, payroll – on paper, but it was time consuming, not reliable and certainly not sustainable for growth.

He knew there had to be a better way. He eventually upgraded to a Palm Pilot (who remembers those?) and migrated to a digital tracking system of his own. Still, he believed it could be better. But Gene was a car guy and a business man, not a software guru. It was then that he enlisted the help of a programmer. He explained the problems he wanted to solve and what he wanted to track, and it was there, in his shop, that MyShop Traffic was created.

“The idea for MyShop Traffic was originally only for my own use. I knew that I was losing money by not tracking things in an accurate or reliable system,” said Gene Cortes, Founder & CEO of MyShop Traffic. “Everything in this program was developed out of personal challenges and problems I needed to solve in my business. And in talking with many other shop owners and industry people throughout the years, I learned that they all have the same frustrations too, so we decided to bring MyShop Traffic to market to help all body shops become more profitable. Our mission is to empower body shop owners with the ability to run their business in an organized, efficient and profitable manner, from any location in the world.”

MyShop Traffic is an easy-to-use, secure management software that is designed to increase a body shop's productivity and profitability. The software optimizes a shop’s business by tracking cycle time, cutting back on wasted inventory, increasing productivity and allowing shop owners to lead and manage their staff from any location in the world.  Run from the palm of your hand via a smartphone, laptop or tablet, the software is secure, smart and mobile. MyShop Traffic optimizes workflow, logistics, output and profit, ensuring that everybody shop is operating at its fullest and most streamlined potential. All of this yields fewer errors, less delays, decreased costs and increased revenues. MyShop Traffic was created by a body shop for a body shop. The company understands the intricacies of the collision repair business and has built features into the platform that help shops tackle their day to day operations with ease, efficiency and more profit in the bottom line.

To see if MyShop Traffic is right for your shop, contact to book your live demo. Or visit for more information.


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