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Farmers, G&C Auto Body donate car

Monday, October 17, 2016 - 07:00
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Farmers and G&C Auto Body, with the help of donations from Maita Chevrolet, LKQ/Keystone, Finishmasters and 3M, joined together to refurbish a car to give to a family in need.  

Farmers donated a Sonic, which was repaired by G&C Auto Body in Rohnert Park and given away through G&C Auto Body’s community outreach organization, The Crozat Family Foundation, to help make a mother's wish come true. The Sonic, after repairs were completed using donated parts, materials, and supplies, was given away for the monthly contest put on by KZST, “Sonoma County’s radio station”. The purpose of the monthly contest is to find a family who would truly benefit from a car donation.

This car was given to Kristen Roberston, a young single mother whose fiancé died unexpectedly. She and her fiancé had been together for 14 years and his death left her alone with their newborn son. Kristen also helps her mother, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kjell Lovlien of Farmers was instrumental in obtaining the vehicle, which he hopes will be the first of many. He has said that Farmers has pledged a second vehicle to the Crozat Family Foundation by the end of the year. 

As the Foundation has grown exponentially, now receives over 100 letters a month, and has given away over 100 vehicles in the last four years, Govinda Crozat, the Outreach Program Director, said “We are so grateful to Farmers for joining our team! We are also so thankful to all the companies who have donated parts, materials, and supplies on several occasions! We are also appreciative of Britten Smith, the manager of G&C in Rohnert Park, for making all the repairs. This Sonic is perfect for Kristen, her young son, and her ill mother!”

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