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Chief introduces three-phase, high-amperage MIG/MAG welder

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 - 06:00
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Chief has expanded its line of inverter synergic pulse MIG/MAG welders to include its first three-phase, high-amperage model, the MultiMig 621. The MultiMig 621 can be used to weld and braze aluminum, galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel and high-strength steel.
“The MultiMig 621 is a great choice for applications where the OEM requires a three-phase, high-output welder, such as when welding certain thick structural aluminum components,” explains Mickey Swartz, director of global product management for Chief parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “It is also ideal for inverter pulse brazing because it can operate at a lower temperature and with better temperature control than traditional welders to protect the material characteristics of high-strength steel and any galvanization or other anti-corrosion coatings.”
Like all Chief MIG/MAG welders, the MultiMig 621 features the synergic-pulsed technologies required by most OEMs for aluminum welding. The MultiMig 621 has a double pulse feature that allows the weld to cool slightly during the low frequency operation. This is an important characteristic when welding vertically or overhead, as it reduces the chance of drips. It also reduces deformation on thin pieces while providing full penetration on thicker sheets.
The MultiMig 621 comes loaded with a large number of synergic programs that preset welding parameters so technicians can start welding immediately. Multiple programmable options, such as crater fill and hot start, are also available to customize the welder’s operation to meet specific customer needs, working conditions and technician preferences.
The MultiMig 621 can produce up to 275 amps of output power vs. 200 amps provided by the Chief MultiMig 511 and 521 welders. Its three-phase power source provides smoother operation for smoother welds. The MultiMig 621 is available with either a standard MIG torch or Chief’s unique push-pull torch. This lightweight torch features fingertip wire-speed and current level controls, as well as push-pull system that maintains constant, uniform tension on the wire, minimizing breakage or tangling.
The MultiMig 621 is multi-input line voltage capable: It can run on any voltage from 200 to 480 volts. It features Integrated Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology to reduce energy waste. The welder is equipped with a built-in cart that includes storage space for a gas cylinder.
To learn more about the Chief MultiMig 621 inverter MIG/MAG welder, visit, contact your local Chief distributor or call (800) 445-9262. Chief is also active on Twitter, and Facebook, For video, visit

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