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Chief’s Meridian Live Mapping system measures up to collision industry’s shifting needs

Monday, March 26, 2018 - 07:00
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Chief’s® new state-of-the-art Meridian™ Live Mapping™ system with compact Galileo™ multi-point laser scanner provides real-time, full-picture measurements of collision-damaged vehicles, making measurement more accurate, robust, and easier than ever before.

Use Meridian to measure vehicles during blueprinting to write more accurate estimates with less need for supplements; during the repair process for precision accuracy; and once the job is complete to confirm the vehicle is back to specs.

The Meridian Live Mapping system can measure up to 45 individual points on a vehicle at the same time, in real time, for maximum efficiency. Technicians can watch dimensional changes being made to the vehicle during the repair process even while pulling or replacing parts. This allows them to quickly identify alignment issues and see how one pull might affect other points and easily course-correct.


Meridian’s Galileo laser scanner is portable and tough. It’s constructed from aerospace materials and features thermal-resistant technology, along with Gorilla® Glass for added scratch protection. Featuring out-of-level measuring capabilities, the scanner can be used on a two-post lift for blueprinting and then quickly moved to a frame rack for measuring structural repairs without complicated set-up or recalibration. Galileo’s 360-degree field of view enables it to measure any length up to five meters, making it perfect for any passenger vehicle on the road, while the geospatial control system automatically adjusts to provide accurate measurements no matter what direction the scanner is tilted.

The Meridian Live Mapping system comes standard with the Galileo laser scanner, 45 bar-coded reflective hanging targets with a range of bolt, hole and clip attachments, and a portable workstation with dual flat screens, computer and printer, and requires a subscription to Chief’s exclusive Thunderbolt vehicle specifications. Thunderbolt vehicle specifications cover thousands of vehicles and provide specs collected from actual vehicles with the frame anchored and the suspension unloaded in order to provide “real world” accuracy.

Incorporating Live Mapping into collision repair helps shops provide accurate estimates and develop appropriate repair plans and timelines, as well as confirm repairs align with OEM tolerances. Make measurement easy, precise and efficient with Chief’s Meridian Live Mapping System – Measure. Repair. Done.

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