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Changing vehicle ownership lifecycle examined in CCC’s Crash Course report

Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 08:00
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CCC Information Services Inc. and its affiliates (CCC) announced today the availability of the 2018 Crash Course, an in-depth report that focuses on the trends and business drivers impacting the automotive industry. The 2018 report examines the vehicle ownership lifecycle – from purchase through vehicle end of life – offering insights into how data and technology are impacting the way consumers interact with their vehicles, and how automotive industry professionals are evolving the ways in which they deliver products and services to consumers. Crash Course is compiled using research and information from a wide range of sources and an aggregated set of data from CCC’s data warehouses, which include approximately 180 million claims worth of information, and more than 20 years of injury data, including thousands of human crash tests.
“Our industry has never moved faster or been so exciting,” said Susanna Gotsch, Crash Course author and Lead Analyst for CCC. “Advances in digitalization, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and sensor and camera technology are driving dramatic changes and improvements in automotive technology. This year in Crash Course we examine how these advances are creating a ripple effect throughout the automotive ecosystem and driving change throughout the vehicle ownership lifecycle.”
The 2018 Crash Course begins by analyzing the ‘buy’ decision, exploring how and why consumers buy vehicles, how they pay for and insure the vehicle, and how auto industry sales are faring. The second part of the report, called Drive, examines whether miles driven will continue to grow, who or what will be doing the actual driving, how insurance will change based on who is in control of the vehicle, and how, in the wake of regular and significant automotive recalls, technology will impact automakers and insurers in the future.
The Crash section of the report looks at auto injury and fatality rates, and how those have evolved, and may evolve further with automotive technology like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). And, lastly, the Repair section examines changes that can be expected after a vehicle has been damaged, in terms of tooling, training, and investments required by collision repairers.
This year’s report includes leaders from across CCC’s business to lend perspective into how certain trends are impacting auto insurers, OEMs, and collision repairers, specifically.
Access the 2018 Crash Course report.
About CCC

CCC, together with its affiliates, combines strategic foresight, dynamic partnerships, and smart technology to power its customers forward. Founded in 1980, CCC is a leading provider of innovative cloud, mobile, telematics, hyperscale technologies and apps for the automotive, insurance, and collision repair industries. CCC’s solutions and big data insights are delivered through the powerful CCC ONE™ platform, which connects a vast network of 350+ insurance companies, 24,000+ repair facilities, OEMS, hundreds of parts suppliers, and dozens of third-party data and service providers. In addition, CCC provides access to car-related services to millions of consumers via, and Auto Injury Solutions Inc., a CCC company, provides customizable, end-to-end, casualty solutions to auto insurers for the handling of first and third-party claims. The collective set of CCC’s smart, flexible, and intuitive solutions make connected car, vehicle, and accident data actionable, informing decision-making, enhancing productivity, and helping customers deliver faster and better experiences for end consumers.  Learn more about CCC at

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