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Bodyshop Revolution launches in US

Thursday, July 24, 2014 - 07:00
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Bodyshop Revolution Worldwide announced the official launch of business operations in North America including the United States. The organization equips bodyshops to increase efficiency and reduce cycle time by up to 60%, guaranteed.      

“We are proud to announce the official launch of our operations in North America and our partnership with Patrick O’Neill,” said Jon Parker, founder and CEO of Bodyshop Revolution Worldwide. “Mr. O’Neill is a well-respected former repairer who operated one of the most progressive MSOs in the country, 911 Collision Centers.”

Utilizing advanced European technologies and processes, the organization typically increases shop efficiencies by 40-60%.  The products and processes are hitting the shores of the US for the first time which work seamlessly together for optimum workflow and the elimination of bottlenecks in all departments.    

“I am excited to launch Bodyshop Revolution and help shops here exceed their performance goals,”  said Patrick O’Neill, President of Bodyshop Revolution North America Inc. “Knowing the tremendous pressure they are under to perform on cycle, I knew that bringing proven global solutions to the U.S. market could provide forward thinking shops with a strong competitive advantage today! Our team is excited to hit the ground running and make a serious impact for shops, their customers and trading partners.”      

The patented gas catalytic drying robots, panel repair tools and processes, combined offer a continuous workflow environment which will reduce part replacement by up to 40% and dry paint in just 53 seconds.  UL and ETL certifications have been met and can be retrofitted into any spray booth, location or environment.      

Some of the gains shops can expect:

Cycle times halved

Average internal cost of repairs reduced by 20%

70% reduction in natural gas energy usage

Using one spray booth, paint 50-60 cars per week, with two, 100-120 cars per week.

About Bodyshop Revolution
Headquartered in the United Kingdom and Las Vegas NV, Bodyshop Revolution is a total operational transformation which dramatically shrinks cycle and increases production in a replicable method to help collision shops meet today’s challenging commercial demands. Operating in the Middle East, Europe, Australia and now North America, Bodyshop Revolution can be applied to existing shops or to new-build facilities as a turn-key operation, creating a unique environment to double throughput as well as ensuring a predictable continuous workflow model for all types of vehicle repairs.

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