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AASP/NJ Hit & Run program continues to aid local law enforcement

Monday, August 13, 2018 - 07:00
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The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ) is seeking its members' help in assisting NJ law enforcement in the hunt for a vehicle that was involved in a fatal hit and run accident on August 3 in Woodland, NJ.

They are seeking a dark colored vehicle, likely blue or black, with body damage to the front bumper and possibly the hood and windshield. The damage will likely be to the center or passenger side and it will likely have soft type damage in this surrounding area, similar to when a vehicle strikes a large bird or animal.
On August 3 around 1 p.m., the vehicle being sought struck and killed a pedestrian at the intersection of Gilbert and Kester streets in Woodland, NJ. The driver fled the scene.
Shop personnel are advised to not panic or alert the driver or owner if a vehicle matching this description comes into the shop. It is advised to obtain the owner/driver and vehicle information and immediately contact Charles Bryant, executive director, at AASP/NJ by calling (732) 922-8909 or Detective Sergeant Ian Fenkel of the State Police at (609) 859-2282 and report the information. Callers can remain anonymous by stating so when reporting.
"This particular case is hard because we don't have anything left behind at the scene of the accident. State police are working hard on this case. It will be very helpful if the members would pick up the phone and call if they think they have the car that matches the description," says Bryant.
The AASP/NJ Hit & Run program was created nearly a decade ago to help the police track down vehicles connected to such incidents that may turn up in local shops. Upon receiving a description of the wanted vehicle, AASP/NJ sends a bulletin to its members alerting them to be on the lookout.
The program has successfully helped the police track down vehicles in the past leading them directly to the driver allegedly responsible for a fatal hit and run. In one case, an AASP/NJ member helped police by correctly identifying vehicle parts found at the scene. This helped the officers perform the correct automobile search, which led them to the driver responsible for the death of a pedestrian by hit and run.
For more information on how to become a member of AASP/NJ visit or call Charles Bryant at (732) 922-8909.

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