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Q&A with’s McVicker

Monday, January 26, 2015 - 08:00
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Greg McVicker has been a part of the collision repair industry since 2005, when he started working as the collision center manager at Budd Baer Collision Center, a dealership shop south of Pittsburgh. In 2010, McVicker was elected chapter president of the Southern Allegheny chapter of the AASP-PA. In 2012 he became the collision division director of AASP-PA and a member of their board of directors. In 2013, McVicker began representing Pennsylvania on the AASP National Board of Directors. He has been honored to serve on the advisory board of WyoTech. In 2014, McVicker and two colleagues co-founded, a collision industry website committed to connecting qualified technicians with the shop owners looking to hire them. He talks to ABRN about the site and what it can do for the industry.

ABRN: How did the idea for come about? 

GM: Like most shop operators, the greatest challenge in running my shop has always been finding qualified employees. It became clear last year as we prepared to open an addition to our facility. To staff the new space, we had an immediate need for six new employees. I spent $1600 in one week on generic online and newspaper ads, interviewed 12 candidates, and STILL found no one of value. Driving home after another failed interview, I thought about how much our industry needs a new way to connect with the people we need to hire. That’s where the concept for Talent Monger came from.

ABRN: Tell us about the site and how it works. 

GM: Technicians create a free, anonymous profile listing their skills, experience, training, and qualifications. Shop owners create a free account that allows them to search this collection of profiles based on whatever criteria they’d like. Shop owners can choose to subscribe to the site and reach out to as many techs as they’d like. If the tech accepts the interview, the site sends the owner the tech’s contact information and the rest is up to them. 

We are really excited about our "Willing to Relocate" option, which allows techs who are looking for a great job but are not tied down to a specific market to show up in searches around the country. This grants shop owners access to techs they would otherwise never see in their local searches.

ABRN: What is the long-term plan for the site? Do you want to eventually also address the service repair market? 

GM: We see the site as a bridge between the techs, shop owners, trade schools, and trade associations around the country. We are working with tech schools around the country to promote the site with their students and alumni. We are directly reaching out to shops through trade associations and industry events. We have even been approached by members of the mechanical service industry who are looking for techs. While our primary focus is growing the site within the collision industry, we do hope to be able to roll out a mechanical version of the site in the very near future.  

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