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GTS Services launches point-of-sale app

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 - 07:00
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GTS Services released their newest point-of-sale software, Ritty.

Ritty is an entirely web and mobile point-of-sale app that will serve the needs of the entire automotive aftermarket. The current release is geared towards windshield repair but is flexible enough to be usable for any interested shop. GTS is currently inviting users to try Ritty for free at using the code TRYRITTY.

On the development of the app, product owner Matt Burke said, “Our motto with Ritty has been – Do it right, Do it better, Do it different. We saw a huge need for a fast and flexible POS solution for automotive aftermarket shops. One that is more powerful than other available options in the industry, yet still makes things as easy as possible for the end user. Ritty can be learned in an hour and mastered in a day - this compares to steep learning curves and implementations that can last several weeks, even months, with the current software available to the glass and broader automotive aftermarket industries.”

Ritty is the first all new POS app from any of the top four POS providers to the AGRR industry in over 10 years.

About GTS Services: GTS Services is the leading point of sale provider for the glass industry. GTS provides software to over 1,500 glass businesses across North America. To learn more about other developments at GTS Services, visit their website at

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