Articles by Tina Grady

The top two executives at Sterling Autobody Centers resigned in early October, but Allstate Spokesman Bill Mellander says that Jon McNeill and Shaun Starbuck, Sterling?s CEO and CFO, respectively, left because their entrepreneurial spirits lead them
The OEMs have provided repairers with the long-awaited service information, but some technicians are saying they still aren?t finding what they?re looking for?and in some cases, it?s hurting cycle time and their business.
Industry points to skewed numbers; California BAR stands behind findings
Repairers fighting back, claim suit could turn business into an ?HMO?
Groups defined both differences and ways to work together on industry issues
An Illinois County Court has granted class action status to a lawsuit accusing an insurance company of acting inappropriately because of its continued recommendation of non-OEM generic crash parts in vehicle repair.
Body shop network moving by market to recruit new members
Jan. 1 deadline to post sign detailing customers? rights