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The following vehicles are experiencing some major influxes of alternative materials in their structures and parts. Note how they employ this material philosophy and consider how it will influence the ways you do business.
Modern vehicles use full range of bonds from welds to rivets and adhesives. How these bonds are applied can vary greatly from one vehicle or application to the next.
Considering the relative low number of rollovers and other accidents that cause roof damage, many repairers may not have a lot of experience performing a repair here. It’s time for a change.
In place of simply treading the rough seas of information overload, shops struggling with transforming KPI data into business could benefit by taking a few steps back to rebuild their knowledge of their business numbers while taking in some training on how to use this knowledge effectively in the short and long term.
With so many sportscars utilizing long, sloping front-ends engineered with a host of lightweight materials and bonds to compensate for heavy engines and suspensions, these vehicles can offer significant repair challenges.
Don’t miss out. Consider what these new products from paint manufacturers could be doing for your shop.
One of the issues with matching problems is that they can be easily overlooked or the fault for their negative consequences is placed elsewhere.
There’s plenty your shop can do to bridge the gap to this generation and help build a new workforce that keeps both your business and the industry at large thriving.

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