Articles by Krista McNamara

Keith Staninger with Ingersoll Rand speaks with Aftermarket Business World about the developing industry and what his company is doing to stay ahead.
Keith Staninger
For 100 years, the automotive industry hasn’t changed much. The cars are better than the days of Model Ts, but drivers still press the gas petal and turn the steering wheel. But the industry is on the precipice of major disruption.
Frank Terlap
Peter Leger is the newest board member for Aclaro Inc., an Artificial Intelligence software company that provides disruptive technologies to the  automotive, financial and government sectors.
Pete Leger
There is a new model challenging the need for vehicle ownership — and it could be very profitable for you.
Ethan Wilson
The future of successful repairs for vehicles of the future lies in one phrase — sensors, sensors, sensors.
Debra Bezzina
The collision industry is not a hapless victim in the plight of the technician shortage. They can fight back against the challenges of recruiting talent into our industry — but how?
The I-CAR Board of Directors announced innovations to the organization’s Governance Model that will provide a stronger, more robust and modern framework for leading I-CAR into the future with continued relevancy and responsiveness.
Consumer privacy rights just got a lot more serious in California, with at least several other states looking to follow suit — so shop owners need to step up for the protection of their customers, their employees and their businesses as a whole.

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