Articles by Kirstin Klabunde

Learn the proper way to handle sales discounts, make goods and other “adjustments.”
Look for wasteful steps within your accounting processes that aren’t adding value and remove them.
Is it worth it to pay overtime to your current employees, or would it be better to pay for an additional employee?
Find the right accounting or bookkeeping help to meet your needs, and check their work to ensure they are doing what they should.
Get a budget in place to keep your business on track and identify where you can make improvements.
Reconciliations provide a level of internal control, and substantiate the figures on the company’s financial statements.
The key to accurate financial reports is making sure that the data is coded accurately before it ever goes over to the financial system.
It’s a common question I get: “Our P&L shows we are making money, so why does it never seem like we have enough cash?”