Articles by Kevin Mehok

Diversity in the customer base at your shop is a key to business success for collision shop owners and managers.
It is time to stop, refocus and look at some of the ideas that aren’t so new, but will bring about some major change in your shop’s daily life.
What do our customers really expect when they come into your shop? If you don't know, you can’t exceed those expectations.
There will always be a place for well-run, professionals shop in any environment. So fight back against consolidators by being better at everything.
All is takes is some training and customer focus to turn every estimate into a repair order.
Try these tips to help boost your business bottom line and collision repair shop success.
Cycle time is important, but do we know why, or understand the implications that improving cycle time bring?
In the collision industry, sometimes we don’t recognize what value training and continuing our quest to become better at our chosen craft can mean.

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