Articles by John Yoswick

Kicking off the seventh annual “MSO Symposium” during NACE Automechanika in Atlanta this summer, consultant Vince Romans said consolidation of the industry is “slowing” but “has not stopped.”
What are some of the current top concerns for independent collision repair shop owners – and what solutions are they finding to help address those issues? That was the focus of ABRN’s annual Collision Industry Roundtable, a panel brought together to discuss where they see their businesses – and the industry as a whole – headed.
Looking for an idea to spark some improvement in some aspect of your business? Chances are, another shop owner somewhere in the country has implemented just the idea that will work for your shop as well.
Ready to get started being recognized for a job well done? Here are some places you may want to start.
From legal skirmishes to ‘AI’ and consolidation, here’s what to watch for this coming year.
One by one, company representatives came to the microphone at CIC in Las Vegas in early November to express concerns they have with CCC Information Service’s forthcoming implementation of its “Secure Share” data exchange system.
If you can’t get your state insurance commissioner to listen to you, maybe you can get them to listen to their colleagues.
At this summer’s MSO Symposium, held in Chicago in conjunction with NACE Automechanika, three former MSO executives talking about the growth and sale of their businesses, sharing advice for those still in the trenches.