Articles by John Shoemaker

Maximizing your difference could result in someone driving past a competitor to go to your collision center.
Review some key KPIs you must track in order to acheive maximum paint shop efficiency
Test your disassembly process to ensure you are not doing harm to your business.
Waste reduction can add as much as 10 percent to your current gross profit.
While I know change isn’t comfortable for anyone, shop owners must take the time today to look at their business to see if they are prepared for the future.
If you have a process you expect your people to always follow, what kind of signal are you sending to them if you sometimes change the process for one insurance company?
When I visit shops, I look at a damage appraisal or two to see how the writer explained the repair. What I find is that they often don’t — and those damage appraisals generate more questions than answers.
There I was reviewing estimates at a shop and found “floor pull” written on two estimates where the damage was assessed by the same insurance adjuster.