Articles by Greg Horn

Globalization of cars, which is what GM, Volkswagen, Ford and Toyota are currently working toward, means related parts will have reasonable prices, leading to more repairable vehicles.
The U.S. is unique among developed countries in that consumer demand for diesel-powered cars is practically non-existent. Are U.S. taxes to blame?
Cold rolling has been an effective process, but today’s carmakers are focusing on alternative materials for construction — and refocusing on altering the steel itself.
There is plenty of good news out there for collision repairers, still, there seems to be a pervasive fear that technology will ultimately put us out of business.
When I speak to industry groups across the U.S., the question I’m most often asked is “what has changed since last year?”
The sub cars under discussion here are the growing class of small, environmentally-friendly vehicles meant to cruise economically around urban settings and college campuses.
NanoSteel is a strong, lightweight steel that's more repairer-friendly
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