Articles by Darrell Amberson

If you are not adequately addressing calibrations, the time has come to change.
We as repairers know better than anyone that our industry is unique in that almost every repair job comes with a variation of two customers: the vehicle owner and an insurer.
The concept of an MSO having one or more calibration centers is still very new, but the rapidly changing vehicle technology is attracting immense attention within our collision repair industry.
We are caught between the vehicle manufacturers who are telling us (with increasing specificity) how and when to perform diagnostic and repair operations and insurers who often question the validity and necessity of these operations.
As we refine our own leadership skills, a measurement of our success will be in how effective we are in influencing the hearts and minds of others.
As reported in CCC’S 2018 Crash Course, average cycle time has been trending longer in recent years. One wonders if this issue is a contributor.
ACE has a keen interest in new technologies, perhaps even a great passion. ACE has an appetite for learning. He or she may spend hours online studying, not necessarily because it’s required, but instead because of fascination.
I believe our highest priority should be the safety and security of our customers closely followed by the protection of our businesses and our staff.