Articles by Al Thomas

With today’s highly complex colors having metallics, pearls and combinations of color enhancements, the technician’s job of matching colors has become very difficult.
Keep your paint booth as clean as possible with these tips to help ensure the best-finished product quality.
Standard operating procedures create more variable control and a more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable paint department.
Technicians can restore damaged steering systems with diligence, knowledge and training.
Paying attention to the fine-tuning details of your spray gun will ensure the most efficient spraying process and best quality product.
spray gun adjustments
There is no such thing as a completely clean paint job; however, we must do everything possible to keep dirt from getting in prior to painting.
clean paint job
Personal protective equipment keeps you healthy, active and on the job so you can consistently earn a living. It may also protect your family from contaminants you carry home.
Personal, vehicle and shop safety can help to ensure the best weld every time. Get our tips.