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  • Can anyone honestly say the present system isn't broke? State oversight of insurance firms doesn't seem to be working; perhaps federal oversight will.
  • In most of Crozat's cases he's fighting side-by-side with customers, encouraging them to file small claims suits and agreeing to appear as an expert witness. That alone should unsettle insurers.
  • What do we really know about the people who impact our lives every day? How many of us are involved enough in community programs, parent-teacher groups or business associations to understand why certain changes take place where we live and work? Who'
  • Collision repair is about far more than body panels, estimates and constant price negotiations. It's about the people. This industry is comprised of and driven by a number of very special people whose talents cross the business and job spectrum.
  • WASHINGTON, D.C. — For the second consecutive year, GEICO led auto insurers, ranking ahead of State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide and Progressive, to earn top honors among car insurance companies for its ability to create loyal cu
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  • When I was majoring in English all those many years ago at Kent State University one of the academic terms that really stuck with me was epiphany. An epiphany is a sudden moment of insight when you learn something significant about life such as when
  • Small ideas yield big dividends. Sometimes the most important, lucrative solutions pop up before anyone identifies a problem or need.
  • The divisions between shops are wider than they've ever been, and they're growing wider every day.
  • The point of my November column was that to build a better industry we have to recognize those factors and be willing to flex the political muscle that small business owners possess – which isn't exactly a radical idea.
  • Many reasons have been given for why women do not go into collision repair. An examination of these reasons confirms misinformation, stereotyping and unfounded assumptions have frequently deprived shops of a valuable and eager segment of the workforc
  • I would wager that the vast majority of shop owners and managers today don't have a clue what CIC is about or what it does, and they probably don't support or take part in local or state associations.
  • We felt it was an opportunity to build a stronger future for the nation's repair shops, so we've added a philanthropic element to the TPR program.
  • NACE 2007 is a big event in Las Vegas every fall, but this year another huge event has cropped up in early November. Nov. 5th begins the test phase of State Farm’s new parts procurement procedures in Indianapolis and San Diego. I ask you to rem
  • Most Americans tune in for major sporting events. Most don't vote. Fewer take part in the political system. Sound like a certain automotive industry to you?
  • For all else they are, our techs, painters, estimators and managers also are very much working scientists who incorporate new technology in their operations. Better than that, they work with manufacturers to introduce the new ideas that revolutionize
  • There are several changes taking place in our industry that we have very little influence on their outcome. There also are many more areas we have a great deal to do with their eventual outcome, but we often do nothing or place the blame elsewhere. U
  • Insurers are pouring billions of dollars into advertising for new customers, with questionable results, when they might be much better served by investing the same money into taking better care of their current customers.
  • If you're a movie buff like I am, you're probably familiar with the Mel Gibson film "Braveheart." In my favorite scene, William Wallace calls his troops to arms against an overwhelming force of British soldiers, telling them they have a once in a lif
  • Surviving is no longer merely about fixing cars. Shops must possess management, financial and marketing skills and the resources to compete.
  • ABRN will be posting financial-focused articles to help shops survive in difficult economic times.