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  • Shops will either accept these changes willingly and be ready to work when the time comes or they won't. And those who won't will disappear.
  • When I landed at 8 a.m. I was prepared for that groggy, sleep-deprived, mud feeling ... I wasn't prepared for Doug Kirk.
  • It will be very difficult to design a unified set of standard measurements that can be accepted industry wide, but it certainly would be worth working toward both at a national level and on an insurer/repairer level.
  • If it's been awhile since you visited www.ABRN.com, videos have become a part of our Web site, and we now fall under a larger community devoted to the entire automotive world.
  • When I read stories like this and think of the interest so many young people have in custom paint and body work, and automobiles in general, I have to ask, "Why are we having such a tough time recruiting new techs into our industry?"
  • Very little regard was given to the impact of the parts procurement system on shops. Observers questioned the accountability of the software providers to create a product that reduces our overall time requirements instead of increasing them.
  • No doubt you're familiar with the name George Avery. Avery is the State Farm representative whose job I find the least enviable in the entire industry. Avery appears at industry events such as the Collision Industry Conference and speaks directly to
  • Insurers market their products and services as helping consumers maintain peace of mind, yet it's just that peace they disturb when it's their time to pay.
  • It's an election year, so it's prime time for us to look for candidates on the local and national level who can best manage an economy that provides opportunity and wealth for everyone.
  • Welcome to the new ABRN. If my column from last month didn't tip you off to our new format, then certainly our new size and look did. Why the big change? Let me walk you through it.
  • Shouldn't a shop's labor rate be a direct reflection of what's necessary to maintain operations at an acceptable profit level?
  • In South Korea shops order parts in much the same way we do — by telephone and fax. There, however, is one very important difference — the payment is made directly to the parts distributors by insurance companies.
  • Black and white thinking is linked to our most primitive "fight or flight" human response. The theory is that when potentially threatening situations arise, we often respond emotionally, without considering "maybe this" or "what about that." The mind
  • As the industry's largest annual event, the International Autobody Congress & Exposition (NACE), was winding down this past November, another huge event began on Nov. 5. I ask you to keep this date in your memory as it may do more to cha
  • Without a legitimate, timely independent rate survey being performed and audited, an entire market area is being held to prices that have not changed to reflect adjustments for inflation and increased costs and that don't ensure a sustainable future
  • One of my favorite movies from the 1990's is Grand Canyon. For those of you who haven't seen or may not remember it, this movie details several months in the lives of a disparate group of Los Angeles residents. For the most part, they're just normal
  • In past industry meetings I've attended, someone usually points out that car rentals cost each insurer millions of dollars each day. The initial State Farm Parts Procurement Tests and now "Expanded Tests" are designed to reduce this expense by improv
  • The only way to ensure that procedures are being followed and are improving a business is through an audit or verification process.
  • We have underestimated our ability to battle the huge marketing and advertising budgets in place by insurers to encourage the switch to their company. Even the latest "accident forgiveness" or "unlimited car rental" ads can easily be dispelled by the
  • The next time you get a chance, do yourself and your industry a big favor. Walk out onto your shop floor and kick your best tech as hard as you can in the backside. Make it hurt. It's important you show as much disrespect as possible to the person wh