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  • For the last couple of months the collision world has been buzzing about State Farm’s decision to whittle down the number of shops on its direct repair program. The nation’s largest insurer, which processed more than three million claims
  • In my I-CAR days I actually had someone say to me at a trade show booth, when I asked if he was familiar with I-CAR, "Yep, we had one of those I-CARs in the shop last week!"
  • This in itself is a blatant example of cost shifting and is providing false pricing on our final bills, which may be considered fraudulent practices. I have discussed this with many local adjusters and apprasiers and it simply does not seem to regist
  • Whether you are a technician, manager, estimator, front office staff member or owner, this "repeating-stuck-replaying scenario" does nothing but erode your ability to look toward the future and set a direction not only for your company, but also your
  • Make sure your strategy provides a profit at the same time. Expanding service and product offerings could also be in your strategy if your market will support it. The key is to be truly customer-focused on their needs and not your wants. There is no,
  • It has been called the American Dream to be able to own your own business, be your own boss and commit to doing it better than anyone else (especially your last boss). It is what drives our economy and country — small businesses in America.
  • As I write this article in early January, the Northeast United States is experiencing yet another winter storm.
  • One key announcement made during the recent Collision Industry Conference (CIC) in Phoenix came from the Education Committee, which reported a key piece of federal funding for vocational education is under threat.
  • October is your month to shine. Every year, the National Auto Body Council (NABC) promotes October as Collision Repair Industry Pride Month.
  • Insurer-owned shop legislation one sign of growing divisiveness between many shops and the insurance industry
  • No matter what the outcome of the suit in Texas, and any future legislation, Allstate will find itself expending enormous resources in an attempt to defend its investment and business model.
  • Whether you're resolved or not to make changes to your business in 2005, changes are coming. The days of running your business the same way year after year are long gone.
  • Women still have to contend with industry's 'boys' only attitude
    Karen Fierst
  • The truth is all shops are faced with a reality that most consumers don
  • A recent article in ABRN asked the question, “Has State Farm Started A Revolution?” The shots have been fired, the revolution is on and it may be good for the survivors, but many will not survive. It will be truly a survival of t
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  • If you're looking for a clear path to the pros and cons of this proposed change as it relates to your business, I'm not sure such finite outcomes can be predicted. I'm not even sure how much it will impact your lives if such a change took place. Inst
  • At the end of the day I'm doubting this cash-pay trend will go away anytime soon. There's no motivation for insurers to lower premiums. They're getting off scot-free without having to pay for minor repairs, and they are pocketing the monthly premium
  • Without a doubt we often debate issues to death and take too long to act on topics that don't require a signed order from the Pope to move forward. In this instance, however, waiting on a more accurate study was not only appropriate, but responsible.
  • The average vehicle owner holds onto their vehicle less than three years following a collision, says Dingman, and the transferrable warranty is a way to let the customer know the shop is confident in the work it provides.
  • If you haven't done it lately, type your shop's name into Google and hit the "Maps" tab.