• Jim Brannen, vice president of e-commerce at BuyAutoParts.com, a replacement parts distributor based in San Diego, Calif., discusses the company’s success in the e-commerce space, where the firm has been active since 2001.
  • Randy Swart, COO of A. Duie Pyle, a transportation and logistics provider that offers LTL, truckload and custom distribution services across the northeastern U.S., discusses the e-commerce and the challenges of expedited shipping.
  • Customer demands for expedited delivery and e-commerce capabilities have put new pressures on the supply chain. Shippers have to be able to provide rapid (often same-day) delivery of goods with a high level of visibility for customers.
  • Amazon is great for retailers who have their own warehouses and excel at fulfillment and customer service. But just because you meet their fulfillment standards doesn’t guarantee sales. To get traffic and conversions, you need to optimize your listings by applying popular search terms in your product description and bullet points.
    Albert Ong
  • The last mile is the least efficient and most expensive part of the supply chain. The last leg of delivery can account for one quarter to one third of the total cost to move goods, according to Frost & Sullivan.
  • Today’s Amazon is yesterday’s AutoZone. They don’t feel an obligation to do things the way they’ve always been done. And they are constantly innovating to hone in on those things that customers value the most.
    Scott Luckett
  • A convergence of bricks ‘n’ clicks will eventually be connecting with connected cars and the motorists inside them to ring up aftermarket sales as innovations in electronic commerce establish new avenues of e-retailing.
  • E-commerce continues to accelerate in the automotive aftermarket industry. New research shows that 56 percent of online automotive parts and accessories shoppers are making their purchases online – an 8 percent increase over the previous year.