catalog managers

  • OptiCat's new Global Aftermarket Research Catalog features product information covering 138 countries, with much of it available in 30 languages. Information in the catalog is made available through suppliers and with the cooperation of TecAlliance GmbH.
  • With Amazon selling auto parts online, it's clear that digital cataloging is more critical than ever. Amazon’s key aftermarket vendors understand the interconnectedness of the entire online shopping experience that revolves around a content-rich catalog.
    Alan R. Segal
  • We’re in the midst of a second catalog revolution, one that once again will separate businesses committed to strong growth from those that are at risk of losing touch with the changing needs of today’s aftermarket customers.
    Scott Thompson, Epicor
  • OptiCat announced the addition of its new ImageSync Service to its OnBoard Pro suite of products and tools. This product is designed to address the fast growing volume of digital assets required to produce today’s high content electronic catalogs.
  • OptiCat LLC announced a helpful tool that will assist automotive aftermarket suppliers to better understand changes in the vehicle catalog database (VCdb) as provided by the Auto Care Association.
  • While the supplier CEO may have asked the question, “How long does it take to get our products to our customers?” he or she may not have asked, “How long does our catalog data require to reach our targeted markets?”
  • One of the biggest challenges surrounding technology adoption in the aftermarket has nothing to do with standards, cost or even the technology itself — it's a communication problem.