Articles by Brian Albright

ABI Research identified three important technology trends in intelligent transportation: Freight as a service; vehicle OEMs adopting factory-fit telematics solutions; and the rapid growth of the commercial telematics sector.
Wilson Auto Parts, a five-location distributor based in New Jersey, is upgrading its business management solution to improve distribution and inventory management.
Last year, Bonnie Greenwood, a former student at WyoTech in Laramie, Wyo., and currently a diesel technician at FedEx Freight, became the first woman to win the Technology & Maintenance Council's TMC FutureTech National Student Technician Competition.
Bonnie Greenwood
In the 1960s, Robert Fenton was involved in groundbreaking research on driverless vehicles. He and his colleagues built and tested some of the earliest autonomous cars on roadways around Columbus, Ohio.
While semi-autonomous vehicles are already hitting the road, General Motors plans to offer a full autonomous vehicle (AV) by 2019, and Nissan Motor Co. is aiming to do the same in 2022.
James G. Burrows, senior vice president for small business at the Export-Import Bank of the United States, is committed to assisting small businesses interested in pursuing overseas export sales.
BellHawk Systems President Peter Green published a white paper on the value of using license plate container tracking barcodes to improve inventory visibility inside the warehouse.
A lifelong body shop owner has stepped into a crowded field of gubernatorial candidates in Maine. Shawn Moody, owner of the 11-store Moody’s Collision Centers, announced his candidacy in late November.