Articles by Brian Albright

Mark-Tami Hotta, CEO of the Transportation Research Center, discusses the $45 million expansion of TRC’s 450-acre Smart Mobility Advanced Research and Test Center for automated and autonomous vehicle testing.
While a number of efforts are underway to help ensure the safety of telematics and other systems, approaches by automotive OEMs and telematics providers remain uncoordinated and lack any sort of standardization.
Darryl Barber, marketing manager for UPS’ automotive segment, discusses the challenges the aftermarket faces when it comes to multi-channel commerce.
Darryl Barber
The global spare parts logistics (SPL) market, which includes automotive parts, currently stands at $52.7 billion a year, representing approximately 6.9 percent of total third-party logistics (3PL) revenue.
Sears is launching a new stand-alone auto service center in San Antonio, Texas.
86Borders has developed an online hub called 86enroute that helps small companies use their fleet visibility data to share information with customers about the status of orders, deliveries and drivers in a pull-based framework.
Dan McDonald
Bar code technology is a well-established way to improve inventory accuracy. Bar codes are used up and down the auto parts supply chain, from manufacturing applications to point of sale.
Ford is making a big play for the aftermarket parts market with the launch of its new Omnicraft brand for all makes of vehicles.