Articles by Brian Albright

Bar code technology is a well-established way to improve inventory accuracy. Bar codes are used up and down the auto parts supply chain, from manufacturing applications to point of sale.
Ford is making a big play for the aftermarket parts market with the launch of its new Omnicraft brand for all makes of vehicles.
Trans-Canada Energies Distribution, one of Canada’s leading battery and renewable energy distributors,  recently partnered with Shell to bring back the Shell Battery product line to North America.
Joel Rozon
Ford, Toyota and other OEMs have formed the SmartDeviceLink Consortium, a non-profit group that will promote the use of an open-source platform for creating apps that will connect smartphones and vehicles.
Three Takata Corp. executives have been charged with wire fraud and conspiracy, and the company has agreed to pay $1 billion in criminal penalties as part of a plea agreement with federal prosecutors in the U.S.
Aaron Lowe, senior VP of regulatory and government affairs at the Auto Care Association, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about how new vehicle technologies are affecting the aftermarket supply chain.
Aaron Lowe
The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued a proposed rule that would require V2V technology in all new light-duty vehicles.
ABRA Auto Body & Glass developed a program to train new applications without any experience in autobody repair, and turn them into C-technicians in the shortest amount of time possible.